Saturday, August 18, 2012

Balance the Load

We are packing to leave on vacation. Seriously, preparing for the trip is enough to make you re-think the whole idea! How much stuff does one need to survive a week in a cabin?

The trunk is loaded with our luggage, fishing gear, reading material, games, and ice chest. The back seat is filled with bags of food to last the week. And if that's not enough, the roof rack holds the mountain bikes, with folding chairs, umbrellas, and fishing poles strapped between the bikes. We have carefully considered how to balance the load to negotiate the curves and climb into the Sierra Nevada mountains to our annual week at Hume Lake.

Equally, my heart is considering how to balance the load for this precious time away with family. We have taken this annual trip to Hume every summer since our children were small. Hume holds many memories for us ~ the funny ones, the sweet ones, and the tender ones ~ all of them deeply treasured in my heart.

This week I too seek to balance the load ~ to clutch the precious memories of the past, and all the while, leave room in my heart to embrace the new memories of the present.